In the same way exercise increases your endurance and strengthens your muscles, mindfulness practices increase your focus, clarity and composure. These practices are just that– practice. The first time you run up the stairs, it may be hard to catch your breath. Do you say— well, that’s that, it didn’t work. Nope. You know you need to stick with it. Keep trying and your endurance will improve. With mindfulness practices, things also improve over time. Like a personal trainer at the gym, I can coach you on a range of mindfulness awareness techniques and help you stick with them.

Mindfulness Programs
(for people who can't say the “M” word)

Meditation not your cup of tea? Meditation is only one technique to become more mindful. Learn other mindfulness techniques to decrease anxiety, enhance listening skills and be less reactive.

Mindfulness Coaching for Organizations or Individuals:

It’s not just that everything is getting on your nerves, it’s that everything is activating your nervous system. Understanding how your nervous system responds to stress is the first step in learning to more effectively regulate your emotions. Attendees will learn several simple techniques that are easily incorporated into everyday living in order to counteract the daily exposure to anxious and emotional people. These techniques not only counteract anxiety, but are also useful to increase focus, clarity, and composure in difficult situations. One-on-One or group sessions.

Intentional Lawyer

Lawyers are not social workers (at least most of us aren’t) and are not trained to work with clients who are experiencing various levels of trauma. Yet that is exactly what many of us do. Learn simple techniques that lawyers can easily incorporate into their client meetings or office time in order to counteract the difficulties of dealing with trauma-inflicted clients. These techniques are also useful to increase focus, clarity and composure in difficult situations, fundamental qualities for every lawyer to cultivate.

Disagree Better

There’s a way to listen when you agree and a different way to listen when you disagree. For the workplace or the dinner table: help your colleagues and friends learn to mindfully listen and to communicate in a more open and effective way. Participants learn to recognize habitual modes of reacting and also enhance listening skills in order to clarify difference with respect. Workshops and individual sessions available.

Mindfulness Meditation Programs for Organizations and Individuals

If you tell me you’re deciding whether or not to divorce your husband, or you’re struggling with your newly teenaged daughter, or you’re looking for your best friend’s murderer, chances are I’ll tell you to try meditation.

One-on-one Mindfulness Meditation Coaching

30-minute to one-hour sessions may be booked weekly and are perfect for anyone interested in developing and sustaining a mindfulness meditation practice. Book one or a series of individualized sessions to understand the benefits of mindfulness as well as the underlying science.

Group Sessions and Workshops

Mindfulness meditation sessions for your workplace or a group of friends. Learn to practice first-hand a range of mindful awareness practices and techniques. Participants will learn about the benefits of mindfulness and the neuroscience behind it.


Mindfulness Meditation

Bonita Bay
Bonita Springs, FL
Estero Park Pavilion

In person Mindfulness Meditation class on Mondays beginning February 5 through February 26 from 10:15AM – 11:00AM.

For more information or to sign up, please email:

Wakeful Wednesdays for Mindfulness in Law Society

Come join me and the Mindfulness in Law Society for a virtual 30-minute mindfulness meditation session. Free and open to any lawyer or anyone with a connection to a lawyer.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.  

“Lori spoke about anxiety for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s Annual New Lawyer Bootcamp this year, and boy, were we glad to have her! Her ability to speak about anxiety in a universal manner made it very comfortable for our group. Her undeniably calm demeanor paired with her concise methods to manage everyday stressors in easy, accessible steps was an invaluable addition to our program.”
Kari B.
Director of Continuing Legal Education
“Lori’s recent presentation on anxiety was relatable and informative and she really knows how to engage an audience!”
Mallory M.
Talent Development & Inclusion Manager