I cannot teach you to meditate, but I can teach you to practice meditation. I can also encourage you along in your practice. So, if you’re a seasoned practitioner or just getting started, this is a simple thing to accomplish as long as you’re not worried about being good at it.

We start in a place of no judgment. As you do these exercises, encourage yourself as you would encourage a toddler who’s first learning to walk. You wouldn’t yell at the kid when she falls down. You would’t say: Just get up. This is no big deal. Anyone can walk. No, you’d say: Try again, honey. You can do it. I believe in you. 

What is a meditation sprint? It’s simply a mindfulness practice that can be completed in 5 minutes or less. These practices often focus on the one system in the autonomic nervous system we can control: the breath.


This sprint will take 5 minutes and best done seated or standing.


  • Invisible accordion
  • Hands
  • Breath
  1. Notice the pace of your breath and with your hands holding either side of your invisible accordion, toggle your hands towards each other and away from each other to mimic the depth of your breath and the expansion and contraction of your lungs. Inhale and your hands expand; exhale and your hands contract.
  2. Do this for a minute or two.
  3. Notice how you feel and if this practice is helping to regulate you or benefitting you in any way.
  4. Next, toggle your hands a bit slower and longer to invite more breath and a slower pace.
  5. Do this for a minute or two.
  6. Notice how you feel.
  7. Let your attention switch back and forth between your hands and your breath. Don’t overfocus on one. Let there be movement and pace between both.
  8. Do this for a minute or two.

If one of these 3 methods is especially regulating, notice and continue.

That’s it!