About Lori

I learned how to practice meditation from a humbly anonymous retired high school teacher. We sat in her living room and she taught me about self-compassion and the power of stillness. Everyone comes to meditation for a reason. Practicing law and tending to the needs of a busy family life distracted me from completing the draft of a novel I was working on and I hoped that learning to meditate would provide me with the focus I needed. I did complete the novel draft (safely stored away in a virtual drawer) and am currently completing a certification in the UCLA Trained Mindfulness Facilitator program.

Lori Wald

I do not teach people to meditate, but I do teach them to practice meditation. A meditation practice may or may not bring you what you expect, but it will improve your ability to be in a more mindful place, more often. The ability to accept and acknowledge the present turns out to be a remarkably useful skill. Clarity, focus and composure increase. Stress, anxiety and self-doubt decrease. Surprisingly, this circumstance of being in touch with oneself, allows deeper and more meaningful connections with others.

I write about meditation and am looking for opportunities to bring mindfulness to others either through in-person workshops or private sessions. My meditation practice helps me accept the chaos around me in a constructive way. I hope to do the same for others.